1. Leonie, Chelan, Washington, July 2014. 


  2. Madison Park, Seattle, Washington, July 2014. 


  3. Tree moss, Darrington, Washington, July 2014. 


  4. Americana, Darrington, Washington, July 2014. 


  5. Maddie, Seattle, Washington, July 2014. 


  6. On the plateau, Chelan, Washington, July 2014. 


  7. Full frontal view, Chelan, Washington, July 2014. 


  8. Off road, Nantucket, Massachusetts, July 2014. 


  9. Images from a follow-up story I worked on for The New York Times about the devastating landslide and its effects on the town of Darrington, Washington. I haven’t been to many places like Darrington whose community has come together to rebuild what they had before the slide. It is very uplifting to see in wake of such a tragic event. Thanks for looking.

    The article can be seen here: http://www.nytimes.com/2014/07/17/us/months-after-washington-landslide-hopeful-steps-forward.html?_r=0 


  10. Land of the lost, Southern Ohio, March 2014. 


  11. Mark Tapia and his dog Gigi, Seattle, Washington, June 2014. 


  12. Robert Brewer, Seattle, Washington, June 2014. (PRIDE)


  13. Empty beer bottles, Darrington Rodeo, Washington, June 2014. 


  14. On the ferry, Nantucket, Massachusetts, July 2014


  15. Celebration beach, Nantucket, Massachusetts, July 2014.