1. I spent an afternoon a month ago photographing at Middle West Spirits in Columbus, Ohio for The Wall Street Journal for a story on artisan vodkas booming in the United States. Thanks for looking. 


  2. Jim, Athens, Ohio, April 2014.


  3. Old car jousting 2, Somewhere, Ohio, April 2014. 


  4. Steven in a clearing, Zaleski, Ohio, April 2014. 


  5. Old car jousting, Zaleski, Ohio, April 2014. 

    I rented a Sony A7 for a couple days to see if I want it. Today was day one and I want it. Gimme it.


  6. From the Archives: Mountain Lion researcher Chris Wilmers, Santa Cruz, California, April 2014. 


  7. House upon the hill, Athens, Ohio, April 2014.


  8. Moonlight, late night, Athens, Ohio, April 2014. 


  9. The hair, Athens, Ohio, April 2014.


  10. Putting out fires, Athens, Ohio, April 2014. 


  11. From the Archives: Last summer, Near Stinson Beach, California, July 2013. 


  12. Pushy, Lexington, Kentucky, April 2014. 


  13. One-eyed pyro, Lexington, Kentucky, April 2014. 


  14. Police, Lexington, Kentucky, April 2014. 


  15. "Fuck UConn", Lexington, Kentucky, April 2014.